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  • WB-Super Reliable + outstanding feeling of safety  
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WB-Super Reliable + outstanding feeling of safety  Adult Riding Club in New South WalesHorses in New South Wales
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In summary this horse is super reliable and gives an outstanding feeling of safety.  

we have been together for some 5 years, together we have travelled to Queensland and Victoria to compete, as well as countless lessons/clinics, trail rides in groups/ alone and competitions locally in NSW. 

Wally is happy to be ridden daily, weekly, monthly...he doesn't care.no work down required on lunge .. he is kind,easy to catch, cuddle, shoe, float.. and can be looked after by my non horsey Husband if I am away for work. He stables, goes in yards paddock he is very flexible. 

sensative laid back and safe, always places in completions, will collect, half pass, medium/ extended trot, half steps, collect, rein back, shoulders in, travers, walk pirouettes. He can jump up to 110 but not with me, pops over logs on trail rides. Ideal to stay elementary working on changes but not been required for my disabilities.

he doesn't have to be sold, but I would love his training to give joy to another rider, as he instills safety and confidence in any beginner and up that has ridden him.

as heartbreaking as it is to type this, I won't let him go site unseen, nor to someone who does not have his best interests at heart. 

I have a custom made leather halter, and a saddle which can go with him to his new home.

Weltmeyer sire with Northern Diaphanos dam ( Falkland Victory)   Bradgate Park Wexford. Search YouTube under his name.   


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