Top Class Gentle Gypsy vanner Gelding.

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  •  Top Class Gentle Gypsy vanner Gelding.
  • Gypsy horse in New South Wales
 Top Class Gentle Gypsy vanner Gelding.Gypsy horse in New South Wales
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Extremely gentle and very flashy 8 year old Gypsy horse gelding. Drake is a perfect horse for any good family,everyone Trail rides him and my teenage son has even done some showing with him. He rides out alone and great in a group, use to any terrain and trails also. Logs, water and mud no problem either.. He will lope out only when asked and never go faster than asked. He has a good stop and back up and will side pass over to open and close the gates as well. This outstanding trail horse is solid to ride out everywhere. He will navigate our tough rocky mountain terrain with confidence and ease. He crosses the now deep raging river like a pro even when the water is muddy and the bottom is nowhere to be seen. He is sure footed in the hills and goes anywhere we point him with no hesitation and no fuss. He will lead or follow or ride in the middle and goes out alone. Email with your phone number for details and pictures.

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