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  • Schoolmaster SJ/Eventing mare  
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Schoolmaster SJ/Eventing mare  Eventers in VictoriaHorses in VictoriaEventersSchoolmaster SJ/Eventing mare  Eventers in Victoria
Ad Details

 15.3/16hh 13yo wbxtb mare.

Koyuna Kaya is a beautiful liver chestnut schoolmaster showjumping/Eventing mare.

She is competing 1* Eventing and up to 1.15 showjumping. Beautifully schooled on the flat with laterals and flying changes established.

Just jump on and go, no working down required at competitions. Never hot or nervous

Can leave for a spell and bring her back in with no issues.

Kaya has given riders lessons to teach dressage movements and jumping a bigger fence.

Although she is very well schooled she is not suitable for a nervous or beginner rider.

Super fun horse for an ambitious rider to learn and go up the grades on or an adult rider.
easy to s/c/f or truck. 

Completely sound, vet checks welcome.

This is a very sad sale, home is extremely important.

photos and videos available  

Located sunbury, Vic


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