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Expired Ad Details

This lovely man by the name of "Neil" uses this picture, but the same email address, to try to scam $2000+ dollars out of innocent genuine buyers. He chooses remote places like Darwin and other areas in the NT so people that do not live here don't have a chance to view the actual horse. So far i have come across 3 different addresses he apparently lives at. Checked them all. No sign of horses or anything horse related.
The truth about this beauty is, he is located in the UK and was sold to a lady named Ellie.
Upon emailing him you will get a huge long winded response, the bottom line being "i will organise transport also at your expense". If you ask him/or her (who really knows) anything about meeting the horse, he will not answer your questions, he will only accuse you of not being "genuine".
He or she, whatever it is, it's only out to steal your money.
If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. He has addresses listed on his ads in the following suburbs.... Darwin City. Driver. Marlows Lagoon.
Just a heads up. These type of people are a disgrace.