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I need to sell my 17.1hh thoroughbred bay gelding through no fault of his own. I don’t have time to dedicate.

Experience: walk, trot, canter. I don’t know how much he has done before me. He is smart. I’ve jumped him over a couple of very low jumps.

He has recently had his teeth done again. 

He is a kind hearted sweet boy. My 13 year old daughter learned to ride on him. She is a beginner/novice and has no issues with him when she jumps on (she has her own horse). I have had green riders on him but he wouldn’t suit anyone green unless on lunge or lead line as he is responsive to gentle commands and will just keep going if squeezed, nothing nasty.

I have taught him some voice commands and he is quick to learn. 

No issues with floating, shoes, tack up, feeding, etc. He adores other horses.

As I said before, I just don’t have time for him and can’t afford to keep him and the other as we have no grass at all.

If you know of anyone please let them know he comes with bridle, all rugs (summer and winter), and saddle. $2000.

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