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"Lane End Mac"
16.1hh 6yo (rising 7yo) ASH Gelding

"Mac" is one of those phenomenally athletic horses that will excel in every phase. He has an excellent brain and temperament, making him exceptionally trainable and lovely to have around. He is closely related to 4* horse "Lane End Bond"

Mac has elastic and expressive paces. His walk is methodical and clear, his trot rhythmical and beautiful to sit on, his canter balanced and adjustable. He has a lovely even and soft contact - he goes in a soft nathe bit for all phases. He is responsive and obedient off the leg without the heat of a TB
Mac is established shoulder in, leg yield, counter canter, simple changes and is schooling half pass and changes. He is always eager to please and loves his work. Lovely to ride in a test environment.
Mac is a jumper!! He makes a fantastic shape over a fence, no matter the distance. He is careful yet brave and again, loves his job and tries hard for his rider. He hates touching a rail but his temperament means he is forgiving when the rider makes a mistake. His canter is rhythmical to ride around a course and he is fantastic in the show environment. As he is careful, Mac can have the odd spook, but always wants to jump the fence. He would easily make a straight showjumper and be ultra competitive with his ability to turn quickly!
He is schooling to 105 at home and competing 95 confidently. 
Mac has been xc and also hunting, he is a brave man! Drops, water, ditches, Mac will jump confidently and carefully. He has completed an event at 80cm, finishing in 2nd place.

Mac is very easy and sweet to have around. He travels well on trucks and floats, walks to the gate to be caught, stands to be shod.
As with all athletic and talented horses, he is not suitable for a beginner due to his sensitive nature and age.

This is a serious horse for the future and is very sadly for sale. Genuine enquiries only please 

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