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Pure Arab Mare 
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Echo Creek Devil's Eclipse - Alice will be looking for a special new home. The right person will be able to offer her mostly one-to-one attention and enough stimulation to keep her bright, busy mind engaged. 
Prior to going in foal, Alice had started her “pre-break” training and was going beautifully; excelling in long reins and lunge-line (saddles), decked out in harness gear, even pulling very light weights.  Nothing is too much hard work.
Note: she has NOT been backed yet, though it won’t take much.
She has a phenomenal work ethic, the more you challenge her, the more she wants! Unfortunately, that potential is going to be wasted with me, as I feel I will be a little tall/heavy for her, as much as I love her! 
Alice could turn her hoof at anything – she is a naturally forward young mare, with high drive (have seen her cut/separate the mini ponies!), stamina to burn and a ‘never say die’ attitude. Natural jump (though not encouraged, due to age/maturity), so could do anything from endurance, to eventing or even cut a cow…. or why not a bit of everything!
Whilst very well handled and good to catch, lead, tie, trim, worm, rug, float, she is still an opinionated Arab mare and has her moments! Easy keeper and paddocks well alone or with a dominant paddock mate; but can be overbearing with lower ranks… remembering the high-drive trait.
Her pedigree can be seen at - https://studbook.azurewebsites.net/Horse/300116

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