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Potential show jumper.  Pony Club in VictoriaHorses in VictoriaPony ClubPotential show jumper.  
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Boof or Black Porphyry is currently out of work, (maybe 1 ride a fortnight if I have the time) but is a very brave show jumper. He has plenty of spirit and is a very keen jumper, who does everything he can to get you over the jump. When he was last in work he was jumping about a metre, can go higher with consistent work. His dressage at the moment is not great, but again with consistent work this boy can do some lovely moves. He is up for sale as I do not have the time to ride him, and I am spending money I don't have on him. He has recently had his teeth done and some body work. Very good to shoe, catch, float, worm. I will be very sad to see Boof go, but I want somebody to make use of his jumping ability, instead of letting him sit in a paddock. He is also very good on the cross country, but very strong. He's not for the faint hearted if you wish to event him as he loves it and does not like to go slow. He is at the moment quite excitable when I do get on him, but with work he calms down, and someone with the time to ride him weekly could get a lot out of him. Price reflects the fact he is currently out of work and his age, not his potential. Please so beginners. Also please keep in mind Boof is 16.3 and 15 years old. Please read the ad carefully before contacting me, to be sure Boof fits your basic requirements in a horse. 

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