Perfect Showjumping & Dressage horse!

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  • Perfect Showjumping & Dressage horse!
  • Arabian Riding Pony in Victoria
  • Show Jumping in Victoria
Perfect Showjumping & Dressage horse!Arabian Riding Pony in VictoriaShow Jumping in Victoria
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So this is a really tough one... I have made the decision to sell Archie, my legs aren’t getting any shorter & my dreams aren’t getting any smaller & after lots of discussion with mum & dad I’ve realized that as much as I would love to keep Archie forever it is just not possible. If I want to step up to the big ring then I need to sell Arch to make way for my future star 🌟 (if only there was a magic pill to make him 2 hands higher).

Willowmere Showtime (Archie) 13’2 Arabian Riding Pony, Born 14/12/2007 EA registered.

Bred as a dressage pony, Archie has beautiful movement but has been used mainly for jumping the last 2 years (which he LOVES). I have had Archie for 5 years, I got him when I was 8 (he was 8 too, we have grown up together).
We started at grade 5 pony club events, winning many ribbons (and rugs) in dressage, horse trials, showjumping & CT. In the last 2 years our main focus has been on jumping & we have gone from F grade showjumping to winning the Primary 80cm interschool state champs in 2019 (our first time competing at such an event), & many other ribbons along the way, competing up to 95cm. Schooling over a meter at home. Archie is a forward moving pony, very quick on his feet, he loves a jump off 😂
I really don’t know what to say about him, I love him to bits, it’s actually really hard to ‘advertise’ him as I don’t know how to put him into words, I are so thankful for everything he has taught me & for the beautiful memories we have made along the way!
We often gets comments from people watching his rounds about what a ripper jumper he is.
We have done pony club & clinics, been competed in pony club, Interschool, EA & Ag show events, it is a pretty rare occasion for him to not come home with a ribbon.
Self load into float (99% of the time), easy to trim (barefoot), catch, float, etc.
Archie is looking for his next rider who wants a competitive mount to take them to the top!
PM for more details. Feel free to share with anyone looking for a ripper pony.
9k, negotiable to right home, located Northwood


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