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Viewbank Bossy Boots (Missy)

With an extremely heavy heart Missy is offered due to riders full time university commitments.

Missy is a 15.3hh, 18y/o OTTB mare who has had over 10 years of eventing, pony club and trail riding experience. This mare was purchased as my first horse (coming off a 12.2hh pony) and has taken me from PC grade 4 to grade 2 HT and grade 1 dressage and CT. Missy is extremely responsive and soft and has demonstrated over many years how reliable, consistent and safe she is making her suitable for a young rider moving off a pony/galloway or small adult rider. Missy is not phased by ditches, banks, water etc. Established leg yields, shoulder ins and flying changes. There is nothing you cannot do with this mare and everybody who knows her knows she is worth her weight in gold. Missy’s outstanding temperament remains the same regardless of how much she is ridden. She is perfect when ridden bareback in dams with a halter and is yet to put a foot wrong when out competing.

Missy is currently in light work and her price reflects that.



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2 Wanted: eventer/showjumper
Wanted: eventer/showjumper
10 C412, Cockatoo VIC 3781

Looking for something reliable, not under 5 but not over 12, 16hh and up but nothing over 17hh. Preferably a WB X TB but just TB or just WB is good too. Something that knows the basics, like flying chamges and is a talented/natural jumper.