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I have had Archer his whole life. As much as I absolutely adore him, I've realised that we're not a great match and I haven't been able to offer him what he needs to reach his full potential.

Archer is curious, smart, sensitive, sassy, sweet, opinionated, and very companionable. We've had times of amazing connection, liberty in an open paddock, he's very playful. Due to my own health and just life in general I haven't done much with him lately other than basic care for the past year or so, but I had a play with him a few days ago and it's all still in there. He is very mouthy (just play and searching for treats) and will use his head to point to where he wants scratches and push you over there. He can be quite herd bound, but that always improved when our connection was strong.

He has a foundation in Parelli Natural horsemanship, and I have also done a bit of clicker training with him. He would make a great partner for someone wanting to move up through the Parelli levels. I reckon we made it to about level 3 at one point, but I'd be selling him as a level 1 with the expectation that he would move through the levels quite quickly.

He is quite green as far as riding goes, mostly because it hasn't been a huge priority for me. I'm always surprised how calm he is and how easily he follows cues when I hop on because I haven't spent much time teaching him.

I don't actually know that I've ever measured him, but he is around 14'2.

He is currently growing back some hair that he scratched off over summer because of the itch. We managed much better this season by keeping him rugged, but he still scratched a lot.

I would love to get $1000 for him, but my priority is finding him the right home.

We are located in Newcastle, NSW.

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