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Chasarada (aka Fizz wiz) 15.2hh, 10-year-old TB Gelding.I have owned him for 5 years after purchasing him from a OTT retrainer and he retired sound from a very limited racing career. Full history is available.As an older rider I have decided to purchase a low-key trail horse, so he needs his next home.He is currently in work and being ridden by a very competent 19year old and located at Willowlane EC, Bangholme. Fizzy has attended Mentone PC briefly with his current rider but due to Covid19 outings were limited this year. I have taken Fizzy on trails and he was great, just needed to be in front.We have also attended clinics together.Fizzy is a point and shoot kind of horse, doesn’t refuse any job he is asked to do. Established basics to go on with, on flat has lovely carriage and good laterals. Works best under clear and consistent instruction.He is smart and forward, therefore more suited to a confident teen or adult, definitely not for a beginner or nervous rider.He responds to a black and white approach and best in regular work.He would suit ARC, XC, Eventing loves a trail and a jump. Can jump easily clearing 75cm with confidence and potential to go higher with the right partner.Handy all rounder, brave, no shy, rear or buck.Float loads and shoes easy.Happy for a few rides to decide as his welfare is important to me.$7000 Contact Jo 0408171000

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I am not after a Superstar, just a horse that is fuss free, sound and sensible.I am a senior rider so good manners is a must, easy to float, catch etc and no seperation anxiety. A horse that remains calm when out so experience in PC\ARC comps,...