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EOI for the right home only
Mr Rivers is a special and kind gentleman.
20yo WB x TB 16.1hh
Currently living a semi retired life and looking for a match with someone who only wants a trail rider, occasional play day around obstacles and a little bit of flat work.
He needs a competent and understanding rider.
Not suitable for beginner.
He has no dirt in him but will sometimes run through the bit, or kick a leg in the air if held tight in canter transition. This in itself may worry a nervous rider, but the right balance of leg and hands brings him straight back.
He can be left for weeks and brought out every month or so and taken anywhere. He is relaxed on easy trail rides, but due to his age, doesn’t like hills much anymore.
Is sensitive to cues and aids and is nice to play in round yard free lunging.
Still has a lot of life and spirit about him and in excellent paddock condition.
Will still give someone some nice rides or teach you in his wisdom.
He has no obvious lameness about him but over the years he’s had some body work when he feels a bit sore in the back end.
I’ve kept him barefoot during the 10 years I’ve owned him and is up to date with dental. Located in Hunter Valley.
Asking 4️⃣k

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