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Braidsdale Astro Boy, DOB 1/11/2008. EA registered.Astro has competed elementary and schooling medium. He has been out of work since Februray but prior to that he was getting his one time changes quite clean. Since February he has been walked out twice.Astro is a very talented pony but also tricky as he does shy. He is not suitable for someone who is wanting a quite trail horse for walks along the beach. He has done a little bit of jumping and while he does enjoy it in lessons he wouldn't be reliable in competition and a definite NO to him as an eventer, out on his own in open spaces he stresses and shies and it is not enjoyable to ride. He is good to pony off and is generally good riding out with company, just a wimp on his own. In an arena on his own he is fine.He much prefers to be ridden in an arena. He is very trainable and does enjoy ground work, had been working on leg lifts with clicker cues.He is talented at dressage and easily pulls off mid to high 60s just by staying in the arena, he moves nicely has a super balance canter and looks a bit fancy that judges forgive easily.He does poles club with Katrin Kuenstler and there is plenty of video snipets of him at her poles club over the past 3yrs.Astro is a very friendly and sociable pony, loves attention from people very easy and quiet to handle on the ground. Has good feet but is also good to shoe if they are required. Playful with others horses, not aggressive, good with foals and youngsters as well as older horses can be paddocked with mares. Can be paddocked on his own but will stress if he cannot see or talk to other horses.Please email for more information braidsdale@gmail.com

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