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Miss Becky is looking spunky in her summer coat! She needs a good hair cut! Becky is looking for someone special to take her and Introduce her to life after racing & breeding!! She is sound, and ready to go! $600 as is with no work put into her, so ott so to speak. Once I start paying for someone to ride and trainer her price will go up Accordingly. Becky is one of the sweetest mares you will ever come across and she is a joy to have around. She only looking for a special human due my uni commitments next years. I have to be honest with my self, I’m not going to have time for all the horse we have. I do believe that Becky will Excel in the show ring and under saddle given the opportunity to do so! hey who doesn’t love a dark brown/black with just enough bling to turn heads as show horse!! Becky is 16yrs old (don’t let her age fool you she still believes she is 3, just ask her!) she stands at approximately 16hh. Becky was a Successful racehorse on the track with a total winnings of $54k! Becky, is good to handle, shoe, wash, float and tie up! She is also a very good mum!!

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3 Duke
21 Service St, Clunes VIC 3370

Duke, is 10yr ott Tb gelding standing at Approximately 17hh! Yep his big, a big gentle teddy bear! Duke has been ott approximately 12mths spelling here, so he has been given the time to let down and chill out after his raceing career! Duke...