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APSB Shetland Filly Breeding in VictoriaHorses in VictoriaBreedingAPSB Shetland Filly Breeding in Victoria
Ad Details

- Yearling
- Should mature up to height 10.2hh I believe
- Will make top ridden mount and kids pony
- This filly has covered a lot of ground in her 1st year!....
- She is used to....(living at a mad house)....kangaroos, deer, wombats, cattle, sheep, goats, chooks, ducks, guinea fowl, 2 wild children, motorbikes, tractors, bobcats....and a million other things....
- Ditto is perfect to....rug, catch, float, worm, bath, brush, pick out her feet, tie up, stable, the list goes on.... I'm sure this filly has been here before, so well adjusted!
- Currently well handled daily, stabled at night, paddock during the day, up to date with worming and farrier
- Ditto is able to be caught in the paddock, lead rope clipped on to her halter, led around our property and put into her stable at night solely by my novice 4yo son, who has NEVER shown interest in the ponies, he has NEVER been taught how to handle them, this filly is is one of a kind!
- Her nature and temperament is AMAZING, like her sire, Lentara Amadeua
- Top bloodlines on both her Dam & Sires sides
- This filly won't last long, this type don't come around often!
- If my sons were riders she wouldn't be going anywhere!
- Plenty of photos and videos available
- Current photos taken 30/11/2020

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