Top 10 Horse Riding Tips

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Learning to ride a horse can be tricky at first and it can take a while to pick up the skills you need to ride safely and with confidence. Here are ten great tips to consider when slipping into the saddle.

• Learn to take care of your horse
Take Care of Your HorseBefore climbing onto your chosen companion, learn to complete chores such as bringing food and water for the horse and cleaning out the stable.

• Spend time with the horse
Familiarising yourself with the horse can really help you to learn the way the horse moves and give you confidence around it.

• Take lessons from a qualified instructor
Make sure that you learn the basics of horse riding from someone who knows what they are doing and has the qualifications to prove it.

• Learn to groom your horse
Grooming a horse provides an excellent bonding experience. Regular grooming also gives you the opportunity to fully inspect the horse and check for any injuries before you start riding.

• Ride in an open area
Horse RidingWhen you first start riding a horse you need to use a lot of concentration to control it. Choose to ride in a quiet area away from busy roads and distractions where you can focus and look out for anything such as barking dogs that could cause your horse to rear up suddenly.

• Plan your route in advance
Ideally, choose to ride in an area that you know well or with someone who is familiar with the area.

• Avoid riding alone
Riding in GroupsInexperienced riders should always take along at least one friend who is an experienced rider. They will be able to give you extra pointers along the way and help you out if you are having trouble controlling your horse.

• Purchase or hire good quality equipment
The list of equipment that you need includes a saddle and a saddle blanket, a bridle, a grooming kit and a riding helmet.

• Wear appropriate clothing
Make sure your clothing is comfortable, especially if you are planning on embarking on a long ride. Ideal clothing includes flat soled boots with a heel, a pair of durable trousers, a pair of gloves and a shirt with long sleeves to prevent sunburn.

• Relax and have fun
If you are nervous your horse will certainly sense it and may also become nervous. Try to approach your horse with confidence and enjoy the ride.