Choosing a Name for Your Horse

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So you are getting a new horse, how do you go about choosing a name for them? Selecting a name for your horse is a very important decision, something that horse owners take very seriously. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right name for your horse. However, you don’t need to rush your decision. Take some time to research different names and you will eventually find a name you love. Check out the quiz below to help you decide based on some facts about your horse, then find some helpful tips, advice and name suggestions further down this post.

Horse Names

There are a few things to consider when choosing a name. It should be fairly easy to say and fit your horse based on their appearance and personality. Many owners like to choose a name that reflects their horse’s personality, which is often called their ‘horsenality’.

It’s difficult to name your horse before you see them, wait until you bring them home so you can get to know them. It needs to be a name that you personally like and are comfortable saying. A horse’s name says a lot about them, which is why it’s such a big decision for horse owners.

Some older horses will already come with a name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. They need to have a name that you are comfortable with. Your horse will eventually get used to their new name. Some owners that have adopted rescue horses will choose a name based on their story or their previous history.

If you are not going to show your horse and will ride them for enjoyment then you might want to pick a shorter name that rolls off the tongue easily. You will have to say their name every single day so it needs to be something you can say without too much difficulty.

However, some people don’t mind having longer names that are slightly more challenging to say. You can be as creative as you like with your horses name. If you want to go for something unusual then two word names tend to really stand out. Racehorses often have longer and more unusual names. If you own a racehorse you will need to check the RISA horse naming guidelines. There are some strict guidelines for naming your racehorse. For example, the maximum length is 18 characters, including spaces and apostrophes.

Before you decide on a name for your horse you may want to try it out a bit. Go out on a ride with them or spend some time with them in the paddock using their name and see if it fits. Remember horses can live for up to around 30 years so you will be stuck with their name for a long time. Try not to pick a name that seems cool at the moment as it could be out of date in a few years, timeless names are best. Here are some methods and ways of selecting names for horses that should help you with your decision.

Popular horse names

What are the most popular horse names? Surprisingly a lot of the most popular names for horses are also popular children’s names. Here are some very popular horse names to give you some initial ideas:


Physical characteristics

Another way of naming your horse is by using their physical characteristics. Does your horse have any distinctive markings or do they have a very specific build? This can sometimes help you to get inspiration for a fitting name. Here are some examples of names based on physical characteristics:


Famous horse names

A lot of horse owners like to name their horse after famous horses throughout history. Racing horses often have impressive names. Some owners name their horses after famous horses because of their amazing achievements. Choose a famous horse’s name that means something to you. Here are a small handful of famous horse’s names including some famous Australian racehorses:

Alfeet Alex
Sly Fox
Black Caviar
Kingston Town